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Re: Pynchon

From: David E. Zembower <>
Date: Tue 03 Mar 1998 - 08:55:53 PST

Responding to the message of <> from
> Like Mr. Biglione, I have to disagree strongly -- not just with the
> factual errors. Pynchon is his name. He's arguably more reclusive than
> J.D. Salinger -- about the only photo of him that exists is from his
> undergrad days at Cornell.
> _Vineland_ is genius. It's literature, not Steven King. His masterwork is
> _Gravity's Rainbow_.

Well, if I made a factual error, then it was probably the thirtieth or thirty-first of the day. I was under the impression that Thomas Pynchon was a pseudonym, and I don't remember where I got that impression. It seems to me I purchased Vineland from Book of the Month Club, back when I was in graduate school, and I seem to remember that BOMC suggested the name was false. Well, so it goes.

Regarding the definition of literature (Pynchon) versus what may be considered non-literature (Steven King, by RKARR's accounting), this is truly up to individual taste. Literature is a piece of work that speaks to a person, that correlates to one's life and passions. Pynchon's book spoke not a word to me. The 100 or so pages I read were completely unmemorable.

Anyway, I don't really want to get into a discussion or debate about an author I know very little (or, more appropriately, nothing) about. I was apparently in error regarding the author's name, but I stand by my assessment of the book.

Regarding the current thread about Fishcotheque, I must point out that that is my favorite JBC album. It represents every facet that I love about the Butcher, those being clever lyrics, wonderful melodies, and a uniquely eclectic balance of musical styles. If only there were more albums of this quality!

David Zembower Received on Wed Apr 22 17:59:06 1998

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