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From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Tue 03 Mar 1998 - 15:44:10 PST

   Genuine schlock, are you kidding? There might be a bit of novelty appeal to cuts like "Olaf Palme", but it's a goddamn finely crafted song - as are most of the selections from BQ. "Big Old Wind" is one of Pat's best songs ever. Not to knock Fishcotheque, which itself is a great disk, but such a jab is outright crazy.

   Anybody agree?

---Here, here! Exactly that. Fishcoteque IS brilliant, but Big Questions is a genius collection! It's got that whole bohemian (if you'll pardon) European-travel thing goin' on that appeals to my romanticized American vision of what being a struggling artist in the U.K. offers! All those countries so close together, all those buses, all that drink and philosophically political discussion! Fuck Edgar Allen Poe & Dorothy Parker! Look at that picture on the back: our captain on the streets, dressed for adventure with his guitar slung over his shoulder, a little weary perhaps but Stockholm's not THAT far away....

        A fine record. If anyone finds an extra copy on CD, let me know. My vinyl has only so much time left....

        To David Zembower: Just for compassion, I've heard too that Pynchon was a pseudonym. These rumors seem to be many, like the one about Will Self being Martin Amis. Or that Truman Capote was the real writer of "To Kill A Mockinbird" as a favor to his friend Harper Lee. Or, the funniest: someone actually believed that the Black Crowes played the instruments on their first album! Ha!

        Okay, I'll stop now. Received on Wed Apr 22 17:59:09 1998

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