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Re: Fishcotechnicality

From: David E. Zembower <>
Date: Wed 04 Mar 1998 - 06:23:56 PST

Responding to the message of
<> from "Knight H. Berman, Jr." <>:

> To David Zembower: Just for compassion, I've heard too that Pynchon
> was a pseudonym. These rumors seem to be many, like the one about Will Self
> being Martin Amis. Or that Truman Capote was the real writer of "To Kill A
> Mockinbird" as a favor to his friend Harper Lee. Or, the funniest: someone
> actually believed that the Black Crowes played the instruments on their
> first album! Ha!

Black Crowes, that's funny!

When I lived in Atlanta, the Black Crowes were a local band called Mr. Crow's Garden, who played more punk-flavored music, as opposed to their current Rolling Stones/Aerosmith rip-off style. I remember, I used to see that ultra-skinny lead singer *everywhere* I went, probably 90% of the shows I would go to. I saw Mr. Crow's Garden one time, and I hate to admit it, but I actually thought they were pretty decent. To save face, though, I have yet to hear a Black Crowes song that I like.

On another Atlanta note, it was during my final months of graduate school at Georgia Tech (Fall of 1990) when the JBC played a club in Atlanta, the name of which I cannot remember (if their are any Atlantans out there, refresh my memory; the club has three floors, which they un-imaginatively call Heaven, Hell and Purgatory). Anyway, I was in such a foul state at that point in my life, I did not even have the energy to go to the show! It was the COTB tour, and I flagellate myself everytime I think of that missed opportunity. I did get to see the JBC several years later (Condition Blue tour) in Minneapolis, but the sound quality was *horrible*. Alas...

David Zembower Received on Wed Apr 22 17:59:11 1998

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