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From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Wed 04 Mar 1998 - 18:32:14 PST

David Zembower wrote:

On another Atlanta note, it was during my final months of graduate school at Georgia Tech (Fall of 1990) when the JBC played a club in Atlanta, the name of which I cannot remember (if their are any Atlantans out there, refresh my memory; the club has three floors, which they un-imaginatively call Heaven, Hell and Purgatory). Anyway, I was in such a foul state at that point in my life, I did not even have the energy to go to the show!  

And Knight writes:

        The venue is called the Masquerade (they have one in Florida too) and I was at that show. Here come the memories: Incredible show even though the sound in there is akin to an airport hangar. The JBC opened for the Blue Aeroplanes (wait! Look! There's a poster for it on the wall behind me! Nov. 16, 1990!), I believe they were flip-flopping the dates as to who opened where....

        The JBC's encore was Caroline Wheeler, with many members of the BA joining in onstage! The BA's encore was Sweet Jane with most (if not all) of the JBC joining them! What a great night!

        That was also the first night I met Pat, downstairs in Purgatory where he and Gerard Langley were sitting at a table watching a friend of mine's band play. Hanging out with the two bands after the show was pretty amazing too. Very nice people. You should have taken some vitamins and come on out....

        Mr. Crowe's Garden was much better than what they evolved into, you're right. The Black Crowe's are something of a laugh here in Atlanta, but I mean that in the nicest way.

        Cheers to Dr. Dougie's grand ideas! The new millenium approacheth, and I vote we start it with the Century of the Butcher!

        Patrick, I'm gonna guess, uh, ahem, Nightmare Being?

        Mike, I'm gonna guess Drink, because I can't think of another. But then Sweet Jane is a Lou Reed song, innit? And I'm so far off the mark these days I don't even know where pictures are taken....

        Sorry to ramble. I got ants in me fingers. Received on Wed Apr 22 17:59:22 1998

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