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From: Michael J. Egli <>
Date: Thu 05 Mar 1998 - 05:17:00 PST

I'm referring to myself! I took my friends word for it, he's usually quite good at this sort of thing, but this time I'm hanging here dangling in the wind. I'm talking about my follow up quiz:

In what Max Eider song does Max mention the name of a JBC song, and what song is it?

The answer is - none that I know of. My friend Tom asked me the questions and said that there was one so I figured I'd quiz the list (before I checked it myself). I got home last night and called him up and he told me it was in "Perfect Companion" and that Max sings the line "Only a Rumour" so I pulled out "The Best Kisser In the World" and listened. Max almost says "only a rumour" but in reality says "only a room." I think my friend is hearing what he wants to hear.

I apologize for any of you who rushed home and listened to the album (not that it's such a bad thing to do) hoping to find the answer. There might be another answer, maybe Max says Angels or Swell or some other title in a song but if he does it's not what I had in mind when I asked the question.

Sorry if I caused anyone any frustration.

Humbly yours (and still feeling like a fool)


Apart from a few close friends, you don't take anything on faith. - Rush, Show Don't Tell
(My new motto) Received on Wed Apr 22 17:59:24 1998

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