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Re: Chrome Wheelbarrows, et al.

From: Daniel Albright <>
Date: Thu 05 Mar 1998 - 13:49:02 PST

At 03:07 PM 3/4/98 -0700, some crazy bastard wrote:
>Hello poppets,

>Mexico)! Personally, I would like the bring them to my annual camp-out
>in the Nevada desert. Last year, our camp had two bars with over 130
>gallons of beer, 20 gallons of hard liquor, pistols & assualt rifles, 95
>pounds of ammo, a huge catapult, and a dozen propane tanks that we blew
>up. I served up drinks in foot-tall cocktail glasses.

Sounds like a Hunter S. Thompson wet dream. Also, is a Warren Zevon soundtrack involved? My lawyer says this type of gathering would most certainly violate terms of my parole, but I hear Nevada has strict extradition limits so sign me up!

  • dbright
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