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Re: Chrome Wheelbarrows, et al.

From: Bill Maciejewski <>
Date: Fri 06 Mar 1998 - 11:52:41 PST

At 3:07 PM -0700 3/4/98, Dr. Douglas J. Long wrote:

>4) More JBC chords! I am thankful for those of you who posted the
>chords and lyrics of some of my favorite JBC songs, but I have been
>playing these half-dozen hits to my cats for the last four months and
>they're begining to tire of them. I'm more of an idiot than a savant
>over musical interpretation, and I'm not too good at figuring out even
>the most simple chord progressions. So, to those of you that have
>transcribed the chords, how about posting a few JBC more songs?

Ah, I'm about as clueless as Mr. Bigrig here, but I'd really like to play "Pineapple Tuesday." Does anyone here know the tablature for it? I'm not one for chords so a tab would be cool. :)

        for the one selling tape copies:
By the way, I think $20 is way too much for a tape copy no matter how expensive your turntable was. No offense intended, of course. Some people may not like the fact that you want to make money off of copyrighted material, just to warn you...


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