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I need CD-RW advice

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Date: Fri 06 Mar 1998 - 11:30:00 PST

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Hello, everyone.

I'm in the market for a CD-RW drive, and I'm trying to get as much input from those people who use them as I can.

Specifically, I'm interested in the whole SCSI vs. ATAPI (IDE/whatever...) debate (i.e. is SCSI really better, even though I've heard the new ATAPI drives are just as capable), as well as specific recommendations or warnings about specific drives or manufacturers.

I'm going to be using the drive primarily for the thrill of being able to listen to my vinyl collection again without the the messiness of hauling around a turntable everywhere I go, so ease of audio disc recording is definitely at the top of my features list.

I've heard Yamaha makes a good CD-RW drive, but I can't seem to find any stores near me that actually carry them. The drives I've most commonly seen for sale in my area are from HP and Memorex, so I'm particularly interested in any comments from owners or regular users of these specific brands.

As I said, I'm open to any comments anyone has in this area, and feel free to write me directly so that I don't cause too much clutter on the list.


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