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JBC has left the stadium...

From: Douglas Long <>
Date: Thu 19 Mar 1998 - 16:06:11 PST

Hey Conspirators,

        The crickets have become deafening on this list. Am I uninformed, or has 90% of the population suddenly vanished, taking all JBC fans with them?

        In any case, I wanted to re-iterate the fact that I am NOT insane, and that I meant every word in the Chrome Whelbarrow Seven-point JBC action plan for 1998. I thought SOMEBODY might agree with SOMETHING, like trading live concert tapes, or discussing song chords again, or filling an old mayonaise jar with pocket change so by this August you could host Pat in America. Oh well... How about at least hoisting a pint in the name of Pat Fish? In about two hours I'm going to drink a whole pitcher of Anchor Steam in his honor, as I do nearly every week.

        Since nice words don't work, I guess the only way to get any action out of you fogies is to piss you all off. Hows about I bootleg some Jazz Butcher albums, sell them for $100 each, and give the profits to the Eddie Money World Tour Foundation. Nasty enough for you? Or how about I petition to get a star on the walk of fame for the owner of BIGTIME records - now that's wicked.

        As for me, I'm living in my own cardhouse of booze and JBC!

Please, spread that JBC love, and get yourselves some real slack for a change.

Douglas (aka Bigrig Brody) Received on Wed Apr 22 18:00:51 1998

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