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JBC has left the stadium...

From: Dave Coverly <>
Date: Fri 20 Mar 1998 - 11:29:46 PST

I don't have an opinion on the pint hoisting, but I like the idea of swapping live stuff we picked up in the auction. Count me in--I already have a couple.

>Hey Conspirators,
> The crickets have become deafening on this list. Am I uninformed, or
>has 90% of the population suddenly vanished, taking all JBC fans with
> In any case, I wanted to re-iterate the fact that I am NOT insane, and
>that I meant every word in the Chrome Whelbarrow Seven-point JBC action
>plan for 1998. I thought SOMEBODY might agree with SOMETHING, like
>trading live concert tapes, or discussing song chords again, or filling
>an old mayonaise jar with pocket change so by this August you could host
>Pat in America. Oh well... How about at least hoisting a pint in the
>name of Pat Fish? In about two hours I'm going to drink a whole pitcher
>of Anchor Steam in his honor, as I do nearly every week.
> Since nice words don't work, I guess the only way to get any action out
>of you fogies is to piss you all off. Hows about I bootleg some Jazz
>Butcher albums, sell them for $100 each, and give the profits to the
>Eddie Money World Tour Foundation. Nasty enough for you? Or how about
>I petition to get a star on the walk of fame for the owner of BIGTIME
>records - now that's wicked.
> As for me, I'm living in my own cardhouse of booze and JBC!
>Please, spread that JBC love, and get yourselves some real slack for a
>Douglas (aka Bigrig Brody)
Received on Wed Apr 22 18:00:53 1998
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