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Re: Looking for Lot49

From: Arik Florimonte <>
Date: Sat 28 Mar 1998 - 18:53:59 PST

At 11:25 PM 3/1/98 +0000, Randy wrote:
>Here's an interesting review I found and thought you might enjoy. I
>love the fact that the author prefers the post-Eider material more and
>that he finds the horns obtrusive.

But then the reviewer says:

>Fishcoteque is far better than the
>last LP with former collaborator Max Eider. Called
>Big Questions (The Gift of Music Volume 2), Glass Records, 1987, Butch's
>lounge-parody affectations slipped dreadfully
>close to genuine schlock. Here, the Jazz Butcher rocks out with more of
>an edge and a greater variety of material. He's back to
>his usual literary self,

What he really says is that hi likes Fishcotheque better than Big Questions, NOT that he likes the post-Max stuff better. In fact the last bit implies that Big Questions was a departure from his usually high quality.

Not that it's not OK to like post-Max stuff better... just that I don't think that's what this reviewer meant.

-Arik Received on Wed Apr 22 18:01:42 1998

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