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Fully? Autographed Big Planet.....LP For Sale

From: GDM <>
Date: Sun 29 Mar 1998 - 19:00:33 PST

JBC Fans,

                I was at a record fair today in San Jose and stumbled
across a fully autographed "Big Planet Scary Planet" LP . It has four lines of signatures of blueish/black marker ink surrounding the outside of the "square" of the album design both front and back.........I will bring the LP to work on Monday and try to get the exact quotes( they each wrote a funny comment befor they signed their names) and signatures transcribed to an email.. anyway I know that Pat and Laurence have signed it....... the lp and cover are in almost mint condition.....a pretty unique item.........

I will take bids for it............

I will email on Monday with more specific info...

Thanks again,

Gavin Received on Wed Apr 22 18:01:44 1998

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