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More info on Autographed BPSP LP

From: GDM <>
Date: Mon 30 Mar 1998 - 10:11:39 PST

JBC Fans,

        Here is what the autographs say on the BIg Planet Scarey Planet LP

(on the front left ) " I'm going the fookin front, me!" Pat Fish
(on front right) "Big Scarey Love" Paul X

back cover some of this is unreadable
(in diff places on the back)

"Squids UP" Lurig Lawrence
"Hello Wedge, I've got to hurry up because I (cant read this part) is waiting to slow?"-

"Cam Hi!!"- unreadable signature

So that is it , a cool item, let me know........

Gavin Received on Wed Apr 22 18:01:46 1998

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