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Related Bands

From: Adrian H. D. Bell <>
Date: Wed 01 Apr 1998 - 03:06:48 PST

Onto the related bands subject....

Apart from the well-known JBC related bands of:
* Black Eg

  • Blue Aeroplanes
  • Max Eider
  • Spacemen 3
  • Sumosonic
  • David J/Love&Rockets/Peter Murphy/Tone on Tail/Bauhaus
  • Pete Astor; I was wondering what other related music can be found on the CD shelves.

Did I read once that Sonic Boom /Spectrum was related? I saw one their discs recently and it sounded familiar.

Did Strange Tractors ever release a CD?

Finally, I remember reading that one of the original JBC members was in a band "Lost T-Shirts of Atlantis". When I lived in the UK (some years ago) , I often used to see them busking. They had some fantastic songs like Love, Love and Fireball-XL5. I had a home-made tape which was sadly lost in a thai curry incident. Did they ever release a CD?

Bye for now!

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Received on Wed Apr 22 18:02:13 1998
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