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Atlanta Show Ticket Info

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Fri 03 Apr 1998 - 16:23:04 PST

        Tickets for the show in Atlanta May 1 at the Point are going to be $8. The club has generally sold tickets only at its location a week or two before performances and on the night of shows; however, they've just formed an alliance with a promoter in town and hope to be fully Ticketmastered soon.

        I was told today that they weren't sure when the Ticketmaster-thing would go into effect, but that the Pat & Max show might be a nice one to start with. In any case, they said feel free to call them (404.659.3522) and hopefully they'll know very soon. I'll check with them again in the middle of next week and report back.... Doors open at 10pm and the Butcher should take the stage between 11:30 and Midnight.

        Also of interest that weekend in Atlanta is the annual Midtown Music Fest, which is 3 days of bands Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 1, 2, & 3). David Byrne is scheduled, as are Cracker & Morphine, Foo Fighters & Indigo Girls, Jimmie Dale Gilmore & the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and a TON of other sundry groups and musical styles that will be fairly well represented. The location is about 3 miles away from the Point, and there is some hotel information on the Music Midtown website (, as well as a full listing of bands and ticket info. It could be a nice weekend!

        More as it emerges ~KBJr

PS: I think Sonic Boom had a solo record called "Spectrum" while he was still with Spacemen 3 and Pat provides the flute. On the recently re-issued "Dream Weapon (An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music)" by S3, Pat is credited with "joint rolling." I suppose if you listen close enough.... Received on Wed Apr 22 18:02:31 1998

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