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JBC -v- Fire/Velvel

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Mon 06 Apr 1998 - 14:45:18 PDT

from a friend who should know:

> i've learned from an extremely reliable source (at fire records) that none
> of the jazz butcher back catalogue is intended for re-release by velvel
> records in north america. the rights were purchased as part of a catalogue
> package deal from fire to velvel so that velvel could own rights and options
> on existing fire catalogue/roster.
> these titles were part of the extra "inconsequential bullshit" that went
> along with gaining fire's existing roster of bands.
> this does not mean that minds cannot be changed at some future date, but
> there is no intention whatsoever (from this source at fire and my own
> interrogations of velvel staff-most of which had no idea they owned the
> rights to the jbc records at all) of any release, ever.
> also, from my recent involvement with velvel they've no idea how to put a
> band on the road or promote a record release. not only that, but we
> encountered the highest order of incompetence and buggery at every stage of
> the tour. do not trust these people to clean their own teeth.
> sorry about the news-thought you should know

i think the keeper of the JBC petition ( should try a last-ditch effort by delivering the petition..

concerning Pat and Max in Atlanta (no, it was NOT an April-fools' joke)...

who's going to make it?

-david Received on Wed Apr 22 18:02:37 1998

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