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The Point

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Wed 08 Apr 1998 - 13:30:10 PDT

        Just got off the phone with the guy who does the booking at the Point, and he said that the girl didn't know anything about the show because he hasn't printed their new schedule yet. He says he should be printing it up this week....He still wasn't sure about the TicketMaster thing yet, but I don't hold high hopes for that.

        You must understand that this show has been thrown together rather quickly and somewhat unexpectedly, so there's bound to be some confusion. I can understand the hindrence this puts on making travel arrangements, etc and, believe me, I'm really sorry. Hopefully clarity will soon prevail! I know I'd be hesitating to saunter off to some distant city for a show I couldn't confirm, but I guess, at this point anyway, it's trusting time.

        Hang in there. I'll post info as it comes. ~Knight Received on Wed Apr 22 18:02:58 1998

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