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Re: The Point Show

Date: Wed 22 Apr 1998 - 18:03:07 PDT

This Atlanta show has me all worked up. I thought I had forever lost the chance to see a JBC concert when I couldn't make it out to the SF show. Now it could come down to whether my wife and I can find a babysitter for or nine-month-old baby girl, and whether our car can take the six hour drive from North Carolina. (Damn, I got grown-up problems going on here).

Anyway, I was hoping that someone in Atlanta could furnish out-of-towners a little essential information, such as directions to the show, a good (preferably cheap) hotel/motel in the area of the Point, etc. Do we really think that the show will sell out? I'm not dissing the JBC by any means, but there really aren't that many of us fans left.

Any help is appreciated.  

Greg Received on Wed Apr 22 18:03:07 1998

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