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From: Hank Tomczak <>
Date: Fri 10 Apr 1998 - 11:49:08 PDT

Hello Gang,

Great news about Atlanta. I wouldn't be able to make it, but PAT! Since you're in the country any hows how about bopping up Philly/New York area. Waddaya say?

I have recently mastered off of my vinyl lp's two Jazz Butcher titles to CD-R:

  1. Live In Hamburg
  2. Big Questions/ Conspiracy EP.

The are in very good/mint condition and all major pops removed with CoolEdit.

I am looking to trade if anyone can tape me any of the following items, preferably off of CD:

  1. Fishcotheque
  2. Spooky EP
  3. Western Family
  4. Illuminate
  5. Best Kisser In The World

Or if you have something else - drop me a line!

Thanks - Hank Received on Wed Apr 22 18:03:14 1998

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