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Atlanta JBC Tickets

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Thu 16 Apr 1998 - 19:38:26 PDT

        Here's the latest word: As of today paperwork was being filled out to give to TicketMaster so that tix for the show at the Point on May 1 could
(hopefully) go on sale through TicketMaster this Saturday (4/18) at 10 AM.

        The phone # for TicketMaster to charge by phone here is 404.249.6400. The operators usually don't know anything about what's going on sale until, at the earliest, the day before they go on sale (which, in a perfect world, would mean tomorrow). Again, they're shooting for these tix to go on sale this Saturday, but they weren't making a BIG promise. Still, I think it would be worth being prepared for. I'll call TicketMaster tomorrow to see if they have the info yet and post tomorrow evening.

        ***IMPORTANT: If you do order tickets by phone, I was advised to tell you to have TicketMaster leave them at will-call at the Point for you
(that means "at the door") rather than trying to have them sent to you. This
is a much safer route (PLEASE write down the confirmation # they give you and bring your Drivers License and the credit card you used just in case!), and they might actually make this a "no mail order" show, whatever the reason for that might be. I think it's just easier for everyone all around to do it this way.

        If you live in Atlanta, hard tickets will be available at the Point a few days after they go on sale through TicketMaster and can be purchased there during their regular hours of operation. It may be cash only, I'm not sure, but the club's # is 404.659.3522, and you can avoid the coupla bucks service charge this way.

        More later ~KBJr Received on Wed Apr 22 18:04:00 1998

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