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Hank Shizzoe, anyone?

From: David Zembower <>
Date: Sun 19 Apr 1998 - 12:26:30 PDT

Hello List,

Again, I'm pea-green with envy about the Atlanta JBC show, because like the San Francisco show, I cannot make it (this time, I have a two week old baby, and I doubt my wife would appreciate my trotting off out of state for a show). Irony is, I used to live in Atlanta. Come on, someone have a wedding here in Chicago and invite Pat & Max!

On a different note, any of you familiar with a player named Hank Shizzoe? I caught him as the opener for Bo Diddley about a year ago, and immensely enjoyed the show. He is Swiss (I believe), but has a wonderful voice that sounds straight out of Texas or New Mexico. He is often billed as blues, but his music is more of a cross of Southwestern/Blues. Butcher fans, you may want to give this guy a listen.

Finally, can any of you help me locate his two most recent disks? The current release, Plenty of Time, was released by CrossCut Records in March of this year. Last year he released a disk called Walk, also on CrossCut. His first disk, Low Budget, was licensed to a domestic label called Ruf Records, which I was fortunate enough to find a copy of. I would like to get my hands on the two most recent. Anyone have any suggestions of where (preferably online) that I could find them? I've checked all the usual suspects here in Chicago, but have had no luck. Also, if any of the European list members would be willing to send a shipment across the pond, I would appreciate it.


David Zembower Received on Wed Apr 22 18:04:11 1998

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