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Re: Tickets on Sale

From: Steven J Hall <>
Date: Mon 20 Apr 1998 - 23:51:24 PDT

Knight H. Berman, Jr. wrote:
> Did you find a good hotel deal? I've been so busy (plus I'm not the
> greatest organizer) that I haven't had time to hunt up hotel info for the
> list. Would you care to post your finding?

I left the hotel research up to the gal I'm bringing along. She called a few places and the best deal she found was at the Courtyard by Marriott in Roswell (770/992-7200). It looks like this is a little ways up the road, but not too far a drive, how long would you estimate? The price is $49 per night, Thursday through Sunday. Many of the hotels have a much higher rate for the non-weekend nights, so this definitely seemed reasonable.

Steven J Hall
Metairie LA
E-Mail: Received on Wed Apr 22 18:04:15 1998
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