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From: <>
Date: Tue 03 Mar 1998 - 06:42:09 PST

David Zembower wrote:

> Thomas Pynchon is a pseudonym, nobody knows who the writer really is. About
> eight or ten years ago I tried to read "Vineland", the latest novel by him/her
> at the time. Awful. I got through about 100 pages and had to quit. It simply
> rambled and went nowhere.

Like Mr. Biglione, I have to disagree strongly -- not just with the factual errors. Pynchon is his name. He's arguably more reclusive than J.D. Salinger -- about the only photo of him that exists is from his undergrad days at Cornell.

_Vineland_ is genius. It's literature, not Steven King. His masterwork is _Gravity's Rainbow_.

There are Pynchon sites all over the web. Check 'em out. Then hie thee to a copy of _Gravity's Rainbow_.

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