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Hole is Not Better Than the Sumo of it's Parts

From: ZineGreen <>
Date: Thu 23 Apr 1998 - 14:43:23 PDT


Credits to the Boston Globe for printing a review (just a blurb, and with a typo to boot, but still...) of "This is Sumo" in today's edition, courtesy of your truly. They've got an on-line version up at

Meanwhile, why the dearth of Sumo-related writings on this list? The more I listen to that album, the more I like it. It's odd, for sure, and very un-  but downright infectious I say. The best cuts are "Stupid," and "Destroy All Monsters." I recommend shelling out the import price if you can find it. Here in Boston, of all the big chains - Newbury, Tower, and HMV - I've only seen one copy since February, which is the one I purchased (for $26). That included the Boston AND Cambridge stores of the above chains. Not a big seller, apprently, which is sadly no surprise. Received on Wed Apr 29 12:53:03 1998

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