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From: Frangooles, Bob <>
Date: Thu 23 Apr 1998 - 16:48:14 PDT

I found this while surfing for a place to stay....I think it shall be an entirely different vibe than the GAMH.



                 THE POINT
                 420 Moreland Ave.; 404-659-3522
                 The Point, often the site of afternoon
                 shows that draw long lines of the pierced
                 and the proud, is intimate in the extreme.
                 Since there's no backstage, bands have to
                 wend their way through the audience to
                 play their set. The scene has an elegant
                 passive aggression: Play well or else.
                 These close quarters also put demands on
                 the audience. Waiting can be a mind game,
                 as various smokable substances materialize
                 and the haze thickens, and getting a drink
                 means confronting the person who has
                 taken your place when you return. A
                 smaller room offers some respite but it,
                 too, is cramped, and patrons compete for
                 tables and chairs. Once you find a place at
                 the Point, there's really no point in leaving
                 it. The music is the main event, not the
                 bar. It's a no-frills box that brings you
                 closer to many future stars than you'll ever
                 get again. Saying years later that you saw
                 Me'Shell at the Point will surely impress,
                 because you probably could have reached
                 out and touched her. A warning: It's
                 Dante's inferno in here, so leave the coat
                 in the car. 
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