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The Point

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Thu 23 Apr 1998 - 21:33:36 PDT

        Yeah, it will be a different vibe from the GAMH. Of course, this is a full band show, and I suppose the potential for debauchery is high. Certainly none of us are as young as we were when the Butcher first took us to Hamburg or Soul Happy Hour-ing, but I think we've still got a bit of that in us, right?

        Personally, I'm more inclined to drink sweet tea and be in bed by midnight these days, but a little bit of mad chaos is due....

        The last show I went to at the Point was Elliott Smith playing solo a couple of weeks ago. Awesome! A few other highlites from the club: Robyn Hitchcock, Jonathan Richman, Lush, Mazzy Star, Luna, Morphine...on and on. Actually, (and this may seem silly) G. Love & Special Sauce there was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Half the fun was the swaying of the room!

        I think the room is more versatile than the review let on, and ha ha those afternoon shows with all the pierced kids are just that: afternoon kiddie shows! Little 5 Points, the neighborhood where the Point is, is a volatile mixture of raver kids, punks, hippies, yuppies, beggars and congressmen. God bless each and every one of them.

        Hope to see you there.... Received on Wed Apr 29 12:53:09 1998

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