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RE: Hole is Not Better Than the Sumo of it's Parts

From: Michael J. Egli <>
Date: Fri 24 Apr 1998 - 04:34:52 PDT

I too had a problem finding This is Sumo in Boston/Cambridge. I was actually walking out of Newbury Comics in Cambridge and something caught my eye in the "T" section. Sure enough they had it filed under "T" for This is Sumo. It must have been the emblem style name that caught my eye because I had no idea what the cover looked like and was looking for something similar to the Come Friendly Spaceman cover.


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From: ZineGreen [] Sent: Thursday, April 23, 1998 5:43 PM
Subject: Hole is Not Better Than the Sumo of it's Parts


Credits to the Boston Globe for printing a review (just a blurb, and with a typo to boot, but still...) of "This is Sumo" in today's edition, courtesy of
your truly. They've got an on-line version up at

Meanwhile, why the dearth of Sumo-related writings on this list? The more I listen to that album, the more I like it. It's odd, for sure, and very un-  but downright infectious I say. The best cuts are "Stupid," and
"Destroy All Monsters." I recommend shelling out the import price if you can
find it. Here in Boston, of all the big chains - Newbury, Tower, and HMV - I've only seen one copy since February, which is the one I purchased (for $26). That included the Boston AND Cambridge stores of the above chains. Not a big seller, apprently, which is sadly no surprise. Received on Wed Apr 29 12:53:10 1998

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