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start your engines again...

From: Thomas F. Banks <>
Date: Fri 08 Jan 1999 - 02:36:35 PST

another bit of late nite bait...

Gregor Young wrote:

> Having just received my JBC Atlanta show tape from the boot master of Santa
> Cruz, Gavin Murphy, I now invite the first three JBC nightowls to email me
> and I will pass on the favour.
> Gregor

> Vancouver

Ditto here. Thanks Gavin! usual, it's first come first serve -- and be prepared to replicate for another 3... so...who will be the lucky three?

Santa Cruz

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opposite of a bird of prey must be good?' there is nothing intrinsically
wrong with such an argument -- though the birds of prey will look
somewhat quizzically and say, '_We_ have nothing against these good
lambs; in fact, we love them; nothing tastes better than a tender lamb.'
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