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Re: Woodentops Giant

From: Arik Florimonte <>
Date: Wed 13 Jan 1999 - 09:00:19 PST

At 02:08 PM 1/13/99 +0000, M.H.Whitworth wrote:
>And--I know I've gone about it before, but I'll go on about it
>again--their live album 'Hypno Beat Live' is well worth looking out
>for--much more dynamic versions of the songs than can be found on Giant.
>And the CD comes with a mini album, 'Eight Straight Bushwaker', or
>something like that.

A friend and I were talking about this the other day, how everyone who knows the album just kind of chuckles when you bring it up... because of how outrageously fast it is. And I don't think they cheated in the mix-down, either.

I always wondered why that band wasn't talked about more on this list. I guess it might be because they haven't done anything in umpteen years (right?).

-Arik Received on Wed Jan 13 09:17:39 1999

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