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From:, <>
Date: Sat 23 Jan 1999 - 17:14:13 PST

>V.A. - 50,000 Glass Fans Can't Be Wrong LP
>(UK/Glass GLALP 019/'86)
>Note: Limited edition on clear vinyl.

>The Jazz Butcher - City Of Night

>The Jazz Butcher contribution subsequently appeared on the _Big Questions_
>LP/CD. Having said that, this album also includes an early studio version of
>"Leaving It Up To You" by Max Eider with The Jazz Butcher on guitar as well
>as "Fear (Is A Man's Best Friend)" by David J and a different version of
>"2:35" by Spacemen 3 amongst others.

What a great record indeed! But doesn't it also contain a really beautiful stripped down version of Max doing "It Has To Be You"? And "Leaving It Up To You" isn't on the (dubbed) cassette copy I have, but it seems it appeared on some record that came with a magazine...I can't remember the name. Pat introduces the song by saying something like "This is a song about...I don't know what." Ha ha.

Off topic, but I'm inputting this message from my bouncy new iMac 266! Never was a Mac person (always PC), but if anyone is considering a new machine for their home, I'd HIGHLY recommend it! (Sorry, I'm just all aglow...)

~KBJr Received on Sat Jan 23 17:14:41 1999

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