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Re: somewhat off topic

From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Sun 24 Jan 1999 - 11:11:06 PST

>But since we're digging up Glass Records era memories...
>Has anyone heard the Pastels "remix" album yet--Illuminati? I'm in heaven.

No, but I do have Illuminati and caught them touring in support of it last year. While I'm a massive fan going back fourteen years now, Illuminati hasn't grown on me yet. Seems to me they've lost their sense of fun and wild wit.

It's amazing though that a band can be around as long as them and still be as fiercely independent. They do their own web site, merchandise, fan club, and even email fans personally with tour and release info.

Incredible group. Start with Sittin' Pretty if you're interested in hearing them.

Gregor Received on Sun Jan 24 11:07:22 1999

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