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Re: Compilation Contributions

From: Arik Florimonte <>
Date: Tue 26 Jan 1999 - 11:38:31 PST

At 10:07 a 1.24.1999 +0100, Perfection As A Hipster wrote:
>Knight.H.Berman wrote ...
>While I'm writing, the album also features one song each by Dave Kusworth
>and Nikki Sudden ... anyone else who appreciates the work of Glass Records
>contemporaries, The Jacobites ?

Yes, years back I could be found whining along with Nikki & Dave to songs from Robespierre's Velevet Basement and, oh crap, I can't even remember other main one I listened to.

_Son of a French Nobleman_ (the song of the endless modulations) was always a favorite. I would place their sound somewhere between the Butcher & the Stones, I guess.

I remember that the numbers on the CD's were all so low (e.g. GLASS CD 00011) that I thought it might be a cool project to collect each of the CD's that Glass issued. Wish I'd followed up on that thought!

-Arik Received on Tue Jan 26 11:43:13 1999

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