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From: SpookyFish <>
Date: Thu 04 Feb 1999 - 20:28:47 PST


I was curious if anyone is up for some trading? I have either replaced the following on cd or have acquired an extra copy or simply don't need 'em, but in any event i feel no need to be hoarding these... so here goes:

what I's Got:

'Conspiracy EP' 12"- Glass -GLAEP104

'Sex & Travel' LP- Glass MGLALP 011

'Angels' 12"- Glass 12049 (I believe this is a brand new copy, but there is a
very small split in the top of the Jacket)

white label Test pressing of 'Bloody Nonsense' LP- RCA 6007-1-B pressed 10-16-86

'A Scandal In Bohemia' LP- Glass glalp 009 (I bought this used about ten years
ago and it had obviously been played quite a bit before i got it, then i played the hell out of it from there. No deep scratches but it does skip on 'My Desert', i can't adjust the tracking on my turntable but i suspect if you can this might solve the problem. Jacket's in VG shape)

'Distressed Gentlefolk' LP- Big Time- 6021-1-B (Vinyl is in Good shape, it's a
cutout and there is a sticker mark on Jacket)

'Spooky' 12"- creation cre059 T

'Girl Go' 12"- Creation cre 077T

'She's A Yo- Yo' CD5- Sky 7 5081 (edit & LP versions)

'Shirley MacLaine' CD5- Shock Aus. 4010

Spectrum 'Indian Summer' CD5- Silvertone orecd 56 (this has the number 6698 in a white rectangle on the front, so i suspect it's limited (albeit to a rather high number than) and Pat Plays on it)

Max Eider- 'The Best Kisser in The World' cass.- bigtime 6046-4 (brand new, still sealed)

David J- ' On Glass' cass. -Glass Glamc 017 ( this is the original Glass release, not the Cleopatra reissue... it's been played a good bit and the levels seem low but i can't recall any dropouts)

David J- 'songs from another season' cass.- Beggars/ RCA 2261-4

Here's what i'm looking for, though i'll entertain most any offers.However, i'm not looking for any monetary offers right now.. if i decide to go that route i'll put them up on Ebay auction site and let everyone know.

 ‘Marnie’ 12" or ‘Zombie Love’ 12" ( basically looking to get 'Cowgirl Fever', i mean the recording of it anyway)
‘Affection’ 12"
'Swingin' With The Pygmies' flexi
'Leaving It Up To You' 7" (Spring 1985 LP Issue 5 Of Abstract Magazine)
'May I- e.p. ( Live At Melkweg)" 7"
'Vodka Girls' (on an Abus Dangereux (magazine)Abus21- compilation CD)


Music sale & want list-
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Received on Thu Feb 4 20:25:55 1999
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