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Anybody who will be recording the Hamburg show on February 26 ?

From: Perfection As A Hipster <>
Date: Thu 11 Feb 1999 - 16:50:07 PST

Kindred spirits,

before you'll piss yourself by the prospect of the shows indicated below, I'd like to know whether anyone is planning to record the Pat & Max show in Hamburg on February 26. Thing is, I obviously planned a live recording but it turned out that the stereo function of my friend's equipment is broken and I sincerely doubt that mono would be worth the effort involved. Furthermore, they might play fairly similar shows elsewhere. ;^D

>FROM: Gavin (
>TITLE: Demo tapes needed for opening slots on Jazz Butcher Reunion Tour
>TIME: February 9, 1999. 2:45PM PST
>I am putting dates together on the West Coast
>( LA, Seattle, San Francisco:: Fall 1999) for *almost* the original
>lineup of the UK band The Jazz Butcher ( Pat Fish & Max
>Eider are confirmed) in line with this venture I need to
>round out all of these shows with good bands that will
>compliment The Jazz Butcher's style as opening bands. So
>that is the deal, I am requesting demo or released material.
>(tape, cd, or DAT) is fine.
>Here is my contact info:
>Gavin Murphy
>8699 Empire Grade
>Santa Cruz, California, 95060

"Can I Join Your Band" ;^D

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