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From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 23 Feb 1999 - 20:48:14 PST

sorry to yell, but i need input from y'all.

the jazz butcher conspiracy mailing list has been in existence for over a decade. all that while, it has been hosted off of an old university account of mine - and has not been axed simply because no one has noticed it.

but there is always the chance that it could die at any moment.

it is obvious that a move to other digs needs to occur.

there are two choices:

        GO PUBLIC

		utilize a public mailing list service which will
		have better performance and flexibility - with the
		possible inconvenience of intrusive advertising
		being shoved into all messages.
		i am speaking of, which i have
		been working on as a developer and which launched
		today.  it is a killer web application which
		will allow searching of messages, digests, etc.,
		but might rub some of you the wrong way.
		move it from purdue onto adjective where i will continue
		with the hassle of setting it up and babysitting it.

i am going to put this to a list vote and will allow 7 days for the votes and opinions to accumulate.

        STAY PRIVATE                          email your vote to ->

        GO PUBLIC                          email your vote to ->

please do not post to the mailing list on this matter unless the opinions are those from which all could benefit.

i thank you for your time and await ALL of your votes!

-david Received on Tue Feb 23 20:50:57 1999

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