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From: Bruce Wellington <>
Date: Thu 25 Feb 1999 - 19:20:08 PST

Hey Pat or David or whoever answers the mail stuff--- This is Bruce Wellington (the polite, but crazed pizza chef in Seattle, WA, USA). I'm just wondering if Sumosonic has any plans of touring the West Coast of America any time in the near future? I recently picked up the "Draining The Glass" CD and must say, "Bravo". I feel like I've finally filled the void in my JBC collection. Anyway, I've been missing the live energy of the many JBC shows I've seen in the past (OK, so it's only 5 or 6 shows I've seen) and want to check out Sumosonic. Unfortunately I live in another country and that's a bit of a hindrance. Anyway, please keep me informed of any tour plans for the West Coast of N. America,
especially Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria,BC. Thanks,
Bruce Wellington
1317 N. 45th
Seattle, WA 98103 Received on Thu Feb 25 19:19:23 1999

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