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From: Perfection As A Hipster <>
Date: Wed 03 Mar 1999 - 16:19:37 PST

Kindred spirits,

I'd say it's about time that someone writes a brief account of The Jazz Butcher show in Hamburg last weekend and since the few attendees who are subscribed to this mailing list still seem to be far away and lost in joy, I shall spare a few lines for my first ever show "review" ... you've been warned. ;^D

THE JAZZ BUTCHER vs MAX EIDER, Hamburg, Logo, 26/02/99

I arrived with a bunch of folks, which actually included an old friend of mine with whom I shared my first Jazz Butcher experiences back in 1986, exactly fifty minutes after the doors opened. Can't say that I was bowled away by the little I saw of the only support act Curtis E. Johnson, but then I'm very narrow-minded. Anyway, it was certainly a nice surprise to be instantly surrounded by a crowd of approximately 200 folks who nearly filled the tiny Logo club and most of which were old enough to have seen The Jazz Butcher (Conspiracy) back in the Eighties. Pat and Max started the show as a duo with the most suitable track for such an occassion, namely "Partytime" ... and rest assured, the crowd was certainly having a smashing time during the following 125 (!) minutes which basically featured a lovely selection of The Glass Records Years and Max Eider solo numbers.

01. Partytime
02. Whaddya ?
03. What's The Matter Boy ?
04. Raking Up Leaves -> Max Eider
05. Soul Happy Hour
06. It Has To Be You -> Max Eider
07. Just Like Betty Page
08. Angels
09. Girls Who Keep Goldfish
10. Drink
11. "Waiting For You" [?] (Max Eider)
12. The New World
13. Girlfriend
14. The Human Jungle
15. Who Loves You Now ?
16. Rain
17. Old Snakey

18, Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
19. "You're Not Alone" [?] (Max Eider)
20. Bigfoot Motel
21. Zombie Love

22. Water
23. Take The Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)

24. Roadrunner (Jonathan Richman)

25. My Desert

I'm ashamed to say that I can't identify 11 and 19 ... however, in case those should actually be previously unreleased songs, I hereby declare both as instant classics.

To cut a long story short, not only was the crowd having a smashing time, the same was obviously the case for Pat and Max as well as Owen Jones (who played various stuff such as the drums and accordion) and two other blokes. In the words of The Jazz Butcher when rephrasing the lyrics of "Roadrunner" ... "So thank you for coming / We've had a good time / We might do it again / About 2009 / And we'll be looking pretty sick by then / And playing pretty sad by then". ;^D

Another - unexpected - highlight was the sudden appearance of the support act during an excellent cover version of the classic "Take The Skinheads Bowling" for a brief spoken word statement ... and yes, I doubt that anyone on this mailing list could claim to have a more shining scalp than Curtis E. Johnson. ;^D

As David mentioned previously, the show was recorded professionally ... make your prayers as regards future availability. In the meantime, copies of my first ever and therefore only passable *audience* recording (coupled with some scarce Jazz Butcher tunes) will be passed on to some fellow listees who will hopefully further distribute this document via this mailing list ... in retrospect, I don't really mind the steam bath in my black dufflecoat to prevent the slightest chance of discovery. ;^D

May the stars shine bright for you


   The rain it raineth on the just
    And also on the unjust fella
   But more upon the just because
The unjust steals the just's umbrella   

       (Charles Baron Bowen) Received on Wed Mar 3 16:21:15 1999

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