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Winners of the MAD contest

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Wed 03 Mar 1999 - 19:19:00 PST

the results are in!

the contest page has produced winners:

   Hi, Dave~ Here, as promised, are the results of the Icelandic Jury.

   Winners: Mad Brody Culpepper (it wuz always gonna happen...)    Mad Doctor Ed (I often watch that show myself, Ed...)    Mad Roger "The Cat" Pace (even if he cheated, any cat that work    Adobe Photoshop all by himself deserves a prze!) Each    of the above should send in a mailing address. They will then receive    a CD of soppy shite from the archives of NN1. Honorable mentions to    : Nearly-Mad Ken Miller (we love the old carboard-box-on-the-head    routine round these parts) and Dave Estes, mad enough to travel from    Olympia to Hamburg to see a bunch of old boys getting drunk and    giggling. These gentlemen receive nothing until we get into the same    room as them. We shall then buy them a beer and mock them ruthlessly    (for that is the kind of guys we are). Thanks to one and all who    entered the competition and livened up our long winter evenings    through the Magic Of The Internet. Later. Love, Pat xxx

gentlemen and cat - get your address to me, and i will forward them on!

thanks for playing.

-david Received on Wed Mar 3 19:19:18 1999

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