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Re: JBC -v- Hamburg

From: Syd Meats <>
Date: Thu 04 Mar 1999 - 11:52:31 PST

In article <>, David Whittemore <> writes
>here's pat's own accounting of last weekend - also found at
>Curtis went straight at the crowd, and although he later confessed to feeling
>nervous, he won them over with the first two or three songs. As he began to
>play Dougie MacClean's "Caledonia", Max, Owen and I found ourselves alone in
>the dressing room. Each of us sat in a chair, listening intently to this
>incredible tune. As we sat there, filling up, the door opened and a friend of
>a friend stood there. He came in, looked around, hung up his coat, then left.
>Nobody said a word the whole time. I caught up with him later and said "You
>must think we're very strange people." But it was the tune. When you hear
>Curtis sing it, you'll want to stop for a second too. It's a travelling song,
>but it's about memories and home and love, too. He couldn't have played a
>sweeter version for three old boys with a history, sitting in the place that
>they all associate with all that magic stuff possibly more than any other.

I know exactly what Pat means. This is a lovely song that can be associated with anywhere considered "home". As for the rest of the stuff, I will just have to continue to kick myself in the nads for not being there.


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