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Re: Max for Sale

From: Randy <>
Date: Sun 14 Mar 1999 - 04:20:04 PST

All I can say is I hope it is not someone on the list bidding that much. I and I bet others on the list can make cdr copies and laser color print the booklet for a mere trade of blank cdr's or some other cd title. Craaazzy. Regards,

Knight Berman Jr wrote:

> Perhaps this has been noted, but "The Best Kisser in the World" is on
> auction at right now. The going rate? $61.00!!!! Wow! It
> looks like the auction ends sometime Sunday afternoon, so if you're flush
> and needing it's out there.
> Personally, it'd take a lot more than that to take mine away from me....
Received on Sun Mar 14 09:21:47 1999

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