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JBC Song Variations Page and Items To Trade

From: Me <>
Date: Fri 02 Apr 1999 - 19:16:37 PST

Hello JBC list!

This is my first post after a year of lurking. There are two points to my first post 1) my JBC Song Variation Page and 2) JBC items I have to trade.

  1. Since I have been collecting JBC I have noticed song variants that exist which are not noted on the JBC site. I have listed JBC albums, along with Various Artists compilations with the JBC, and noted where song variations exist. I have listed each track with times and notes. I hope you find it of interest. It is simply meant to supplement the extensive discography available on the JBC site.

2) I have a few JBC items I wish to trade for other JBC items. If you have something to trade from my want list, or possibly something interesting I otherwise wouldn't have, let me know what it is. I expect many are sought after by most of you too. If you want the track listings for the Various Artists LPs, they are fully listed on my JBC page noted above.

Items For Trade:
Big Noise from Big Time (LP, NM)
The Bigtime Syndrome (LP, Sealed)
Gunfire & Pianos (LP, NM)
The Best Kisser In The World (LP, open w/shrink wrap, small bullet hole) The Best Kisser In The World (LP, sealed, small bullet hole) Angles (12", NM)
Fishcotheque (LP, sealed, bullet hole)
Condition Blue (LP, sealed)
Distressed Gentlefolk (LP, sealed, razor cut)

Want List:
Southern Mark Smith 7"
Marnie 12"
Zombie Love 7" / 12"
Affection 7" / 12"
The Gift of Music CD
The Human Jungle 7"
Swingin' With The Pygmies
Conspiracy (GLALP104, not the "EP" version) Distressed Gentlefolk (CD)
Angels 7"
May I 7" / 12"
Spooky EP (CD)
New Invention 7"
Girl-Go (CD Single)
We Love You 7" / 12" / CD?
Unconditional CD
Vodka Girls (Magazine)
SumoSonic: Come Friendly Spaceman 12"

Take Care,
Robert Received on Fri Apr 2 19:18:41 1999

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