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Update on JBC FALL TOUR 1999

From: GDM <>
Date: Mon 05 Apr 1999 - 10:43:39 PDT


                        This news is not "official" but it will be soon.
  • Tour dates should be September 9th through the 20th, 1999.
  • Pat Fish & Max Eider will be there, the drummer and bass player have yet to be confirmed- and I will not speculate as to who they will be.
  • They will most likely play Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Detroit. Dates and venues are already on calendarbut I will not release official word until we confirm the visas for Pat & Max, and maybe others.....
  • I can tell you that the West Coast shows should fall on the September 9th through 16th dates, and the Midwest shows on the 17th through 20th.....
  • we are making every effort to make sure that these shows are ticketed with the out-of-town fan in mind, tickets should be able to be purchased over the phone with a credit card...
  • and that is it for now, keep in mind that nothing is in stone yet....please see below for some help that I need with this project..
  • odds are that this may be the last hurrah of the JBC in America, so the main reason for this email is to give you plenty of advance notice for your busy schedules........


  • Airfare vouchers, hotel vouchers???
  • Press contacts in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Detroit. IE: Local newspapers radio stations etc.....My goal is to get good coverage for all these shows in advance.
  • anyone who knows how to silkscreen t-shirts etc.....
  • I would like to get one of the shows professionally shot on video....any help here??

Hope to see you in the fall,

Gavin Received on Mon Apr 5 11:38:30 1999

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