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Help with East Coast Venue for JBC Fall Tour

From: GDM <>
Date: Thu 08 Apr 1999 - 18:24:38 PDT

JBC Fans,

                I have gotten several emails about the lack of JBC East
Coast shows. The Detroit venue is not in stone yet and perhaps this could be switched for an East Coast Venue. Pat & several "in the know" parties have stated that JBC has traditionally done poor in East coast cities, but if there is enough interest then maybe we could book a gig. Keep in mind that travel expenses and other incidentals will have to be looked at to make this happen... David Lobdell and some other die-hards are located on the East Coast (NYC to be exact) my brother lives in Manhattan and would not mind heading over there to do a show and have some fun in the Big Apple...but really I would like to hear from the East Coast fans as to where the best East Coast city to play would be...because if we do an East Coast show it will be one city only, and the show would have to earn at least 2 to 3 thousand dollars to cover expenses........

keep me posted Received on Thu Apr 8 18:20:48 1999

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