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Re: Barthouse

From: <>
Date: Sun 11 Apr 1999 - 09:46:02 PDT

   Okay, first off I find the "degrees-of-separation" concept between the Simpsons and the JBC (i.e. this mailing list) to be both bizarre and hilarious.

   Meanwhile, Bauhaus played here in Boston last year at an oceanside pavilion normally reserved for the likes of Jimmy Buffet and Bonnie Raitt. Tickets were like thirty bucks or something. Shows you, I guess, the dregs to which alt-rock has sunken.

   As for the Simpsons business, I guess it's obvious how old some of the writers must be! And it's sad how awful that show has gotten in the past 4 seasons or so. It was once, circa '91-'94, perhaps the best and most clever satire in the history of TV, but now is simply terrible, with overextended plots peppered with celebrity cameos and cheap, predictable gags. And not even David J is going to save it.
  It's a shame really. TV and music have both come to suffer from the same affliction in recent years, which has rendered them boring and banal: a hopeless self-consciousness. Like a bad MTV video or an episode of Saturday Night Live (where are you Lorraine Newman?) - songs and sketches that are, essentially, about nothing but themselves. Received on Sun Apr 11 09:48:37 1999

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