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Re: San Fran Record Shopping

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Date: Tue 13 Apr 1999 - 19:26:06 PDT

In a message dated 4/13/99 7:08:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< AMOEBA in Berkeley. the ONLY place to go.  ...where I found my Bloody Nonsense LP, mint, 6 bucks.  

 amoeba music. (510) 549-1125. 2455 telegraph. berkeley, CA. 94704.

There is also an Amoeba in San Francisco.....down at the end of Haight 
Street, although I don't have the address.  It's at least as big as the 
Berkeley store, which is to say it's HUGE.  Do try and get into Berkeley 
though, as down the street from Amoeba is another nice store called Rasputins. I actually prefer Amoeba, but it's certainly worth a visit. Also worth checking out is Mod Lang on University Avenue in Berkeley. A very cool store that seems to specialize in imports, indie rock, dance, electronica, etc...

Lots of other great S.F. stores worth mentioning, but after visiting Amoeba, you'll be exhausted.

Have fun!

Steven Received on Tue Apr 13 19:29:29 1999

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