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Sound quality of JBC shows

From: David E. Zembower <>
Date: Mon 19 Apr 1999 - 06:18:27 PDT

Hello All,

Regarding the recent chat about poor-sounding live JBC recordings, I was curious what the people who were actually at those shows thought of the sound quality during the shows. Are we just making poor recordings, or is there an inherent problem with Pat's sound man? The reason I ask is that I only saw the JBC once (in 1992, during the CB tour), and the sound was horrible. And it wasn't the venue (1st Avenue in Minneapolis, MN), because I saw many shows at that club, with brilliant acoustics. The sound was so bad for this show that over half the audience had left before the concert ended. Is this a recurring problem for Pat?

David Received on Mon Apr 19 06:23:10 1999

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