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From: Valerie <>
Date: Wed 05 May 1999 - 13:37:45 PDT

Hey Conspirators,

I've been away from the list for a while... I changed accounts and forgot to re-subscribe. hello again.

so you may or may not have heard that Love and Rockets are officially breaking up after this tour (which ends in a few weeks/days). I got to see them in Palo alto the other night, my first time since '89 and they pretty much rocked. it was a great little show. I spoke to their tour manager in the hallway between encores and asked him to relay to David that I thought he should hook back up with pat and max. he looked amused but said that the band members were all talking about scoring films, etc. But who knows, my suggestion might get back to David and the golden age of the conspiracy might come back.

I can dream.
San Francisco Received on Wed May 5 13:44:18 1999

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