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The Truly Detestable Summer Festival

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Wed 05 May 1999 - 14:21:45 PDT

forwarded from pat:

Max and I will be playing at this year's Highland Festival. Where's that, you ask.
Why, in the Highlands of Scotland I reply, with nary a glimmer of facetiousness.
We're following the trail blazed last year by Martin Stephenson and Curtis E. Johnson, and we're heading up north on the sleeper train to play some tunes.

Here are the dates:

Friday 21 May : Seaforth Hotel, Ullapool         Onstage 8:30 pm
Saturday 22 May : Phoenix Bar, Inverness         Onstage 7:30 pm

In addition we'll be doing a tune at the festival opening celebrations at about 7:30 pm on the Friday at the Phoenix in Inverness.

Astute readers will notice that it probably takes more than half an hour to get from Inverness to Ullapool on a friday evening. Astute readers will, therefore, treat all "onstage" times as being possessed of a certain celtic elasticity.
Still, if people get there early and we get there later...well, everybody will be in the mood. There are worse things to do than hang around in a Highland bar on a lovely summer's evening. Oh, and the shows are free to get in as well.

Both shows will involve Max and me playing two 45 minute sets.

The Highland Festival is a big, colourful event taking place in many venues. For full details and all the dates go to:

And there it is. Deep aberration in the Highlands.


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