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Anything happening out there?

From: Adrian H. D. Bell <>
Date: Fri 07 May 1999 - 19:15:37 PDT

Everyone so often, someone in this quiet mailing list, has to ask the question. So I guess it's my turn, and I'll keep it to the usual items

  1. Any rumoured tours?
  2. Anyone know of what Pat & Max are up to nowadays? Always hoping something new will turn up in the CD shop under J or S.
  3. Did anything come of the live recording in SFC?
  4. Finally, in the absence of anything from the above. What are listees most happy listening to at present? To supplement my JBC diet, I've found Cracker, Ashtray Boy, Jim Ruiz, and Bob Mould to be satisfying lately. Though nothing would please me more than something new from the people that this list honours.

Adrian Received on Fri May 7 19:18:52 1999

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