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Hamburg '99

From: SpookyFish <>
Date: Wed 19 May 1999 - 02:14:44 PDT

Hello Festive Fiends,

The Mighty Dave Egli was kind enough to tape the 26th of Feb. Hamburg show for me. I will do the same for you if you'd like. I warn you this is the Mondo Munge mix, recorded through a masonery wall and it requires a few or better still a few too many whiskeys ( as i've had tonight) to decipher, but it's all good fun. So as i've said i'll tape this for you if you'd like... if you are, let's say the first 5, coz this is gonna degrade to the point of mexican brown in a few branches and i don't want to be a party to that, i can assure you.

write for details....

love on ya,


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